A Visual Guide to Wallcovering Selection: Understanding TYPES I, II, III

Selecting the perfect wallcovering isn’t just about choosing a color or pattern, it’s about understanding the very essence of your space – its personality, its demands, and its endurance.

For residential settings where the wear and tear are relatively minimal, TYPE I wallcoverings are an excellent choice. TYPE I wallcoverings are cost-effective, and perfect for creating an atmosphere in homes without the need for high durability.

In contrast, commercial settings like office interiors, restaurants, and hotels often require a more durable option. This is where TYPE II wallcoverings come into play. With their mid to high duty rating, they are built to withstand more traffic and interaction.

TYPE III wallcoverings, offer the highest level of performance and wall protection. They are ideally suited for areas exposed to very heavy traffic by movable equipment or rough abrasion, such as in hospital corridors and elevator banks. Their superior durability ensures they can endure the rigorous cleaning protocols making them a smart and long-lasting investment for such spaces. For use cases like this, it is highly recommended a topcoat is applied to further protect the ink.

So, whether you’re transforming a living space into a haven, shaping a bustling commercial environment, or fortifying a high-traffic corridor, remember that the right wallcovering isn’t just a choice, it’s a commitment to beauty and durability.

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