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To be successful in selling wall graphics you will need the right tools. We have had the privilege of working with industry leaders of the digital inkjet industry. From that experience we have compiled below some of their most successful strategies and techniques.

Show beautiful samples.   When people are looking to decorate their wall,  they want to be able to see and feel a quality product.  An effective presentation should include a variety of exciting examples.  Showing different print techniques and design style is critical.

DreamScape makes this easy by offering you our large presentation book.  We can customize this with your company name.  It’s a book any sales representative would love to carry into their meetings.  It features gorgeous art, pristine printing,  and a full arrangement of our luxurious textured materials.

Offer a variety of options to suit any project.  DreamScape offers many options when it comes to the aesthetics of wall graphics.  Our Ringset is our oldest and most effective tool – it has become an industry standard.  Designers, printers, architects and specifiers use this small and convenient tool.

It is highly effective in the selection process as it provides immediate reference to the range of textures available.   Sales people often like to travel and use as a leave behind.   Designers keep them on their desk or drawer for quick inspiration.  Purchasing agents use them for a quick material reference.

    Experiment, create, and test your limits!  One of the most exciting things about digitally printed wall graphics is that what can be created is only limited by imagination.  Todays inkjet machines can produce photographic quality and do not have repeat size restraints as was common with analog printing.   So go big, and go bold!

    DreamScape features materials with exotic textures,  metallic options,  and special effects with eye catching sparkles.  Beyond our vinyl wallcovering materials we also offer some amazing PVC Free alternatives.

    Produce your own samples, and get a comfort level with any of our products by printing on our trial rolls.   Trial rolls are 15′ x 27″.

    If you aren’t sure which product you want to trial take a look at our Trial Bundle.   The bundle includes 12 individual rolls which represent some of our most popular options in each of our major product categories.  Best of all the bundle will save you money!

    Stay up to date with DreamScape!  Check our WHAT’S NEW blog page to see the latest product announcements.   And while you are there,  follow us on social media so you can receive the latest postings.

    Take pictures of your work!   Don’t let your masterpiece go unnoticed!  Take photos of the installation site and post them on Instagram and Twitter.  Remember to tag @dreamscapewalls and use hashtags so we can find your post and send back some love!  #dreamscapewalls

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