Terralon: Sustainable, Versatile, Earth-Friendly Wallcovering

DreamScape Terralon - a highly sustainable wallcovering

DreamScape’s sustainable wallcovering product, Terralon, has been an industry-leading, PVC-free vinyl alternative for some time. As it is made from 31% post-consumer recycled content and is highly breathable, the Earth-friendly product has resulted in the repurposing of over 12 million plastic bottles since its introduction, and that number is constantly increasing. The substrate is not only incredibly attractive, it’s also extremely receptive to all common print and ink technologies and adds a unique life to digital designs.

Most users of Terralon are familiar with the original, lightly textured product and have found it suitable for most interior applications. However, there are actually three different versions of this amazing wallcovering that range in texture from heavily textured to flawlessly smooth.

Terralon Regatta | Terralon | Terralon Smooth

There is a sustainable wallcovering for every need in the world of interior design. You don’t have to use PVC or high-emission products to create beautiful wall decor, and there is a Terralon for everyone and every space.

Millions of Single-Use Plastic Bottles...
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Proprietary manufacturing process & formula transforms bottles...
Into beautiful, breathable, PVC/phthalate-free wallcovering.

3 Sustainable Textures

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