WallWraps: Self Adhesive - Permanently Removable

Sticks to walls, counters, and floors!

Microsphere Technology for Permanent Removability

Triple Reinforced
Easy up & easy down
Cleaner & Healthier

About WallWraps

DreamScape’s WallWraps are the most technologically advanced, self-adhesive wallcovering available today. 

NEW FEATURE – DreamScape Caviar and Ravello are now certified as slip resistant, making either a great option for floors as well as walls!  Classic and Brilliant suitable for walls only.

Rather than use the term “repositionable” to describe WallWraps, it’s more appropriate to describe the product as “permanently removable”. The advanced adhesive employs microsphere technology, which allows the wallcovering to be applied and reapplied many times over without any sacrifice in sticking power.

WallWraps are extremely dimensionally stable due to the 3-ply technology found only in this product. High-end polymeric vinyl, married with stable fabric support and backed by industry-leading repositionable adhesive is a recipe for perfection.

Speaking of perfection, it’s safe to say that most walls are imperfect to a degree, and WallWraps have the unique, inherent ability to render those imperfections virtually invisible.

Wallwraps sustainability factors remain consistent with DreamScape’s belief in safe, environmentally friendly products.  All WallWraps are phthalate-free and feature clean vinyl technology.





The proprietary, 3-ply technology with enhanced, polymeric vinyl means you no longer need perfect base walls for a perfect installation outcome. The state-of-the-art, vinyl is supported by upgraded fabric support that keeps everything nice and stable. It’s also still repositionable, or, as we like to call it, permanently removable.

WallWraps: Unmatched Strength & Microsphere Technology Means Adhesive Never Stops Sticking
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