DreamScape Platinum

The only real metallic surface media that is compatible with so many different inkjet technologies.

Watch Platinum being printed with UV, Solvent and Latex.

 DreamScape Platinum can be printed with all inkjet technologies – not just UV like our Flash and Odyssey products.

Platinum has a special surface that is compatible with solvent and latex printers. One advantage to that is typically UV inks are very opaque, but solvent and latex are quite translucent. So a print shop with multiple types of print tech can really play with different effects.

DreamScape Platinum Unprinted
DreamScape Platinum Printed

These translucent ink systems really let the metallic look to show through, while the UV printers can sort of obscure it in certain areas and let it through in other areas.  

This substrate will help designers achieve new visual effects while using their existing CMYK ink sets.

Platinum has a luxurious look with its bright but refined finish and its gorgeous, light texture makes it suitable for many applications – printed or unprinted.

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