Type I


TYPE I Commerical Wallcoverings


Experience the best of both worlds with Type I custom printable wallcoverings. These wallcoverings offer a winning combination of cost-effectiveness and a lighter weight. They deliver the durability needed for commercial applications without the bulk and expense typically found in Type II wallcoverings. This makes them a practical choice for projects where a thinner wallcovering meets the requirements while still offering the creative freedom to transform your space.

If you’re looking for a durable and customizable wallcovering solution for your commercial interior without breaking the budget, our Type I custom printable wallcoverings are an option to consider.

TYPE I textures available:

  • Mason 13oz.
  • Suede 13oz.
  • Matte 13oz.
  • Canvas 13oz.
  • Mystical 13oz.
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