Project: Schrödinger Workplace
Brand Experience: HLW brandx
Print Provider: DCL

Computational chemistry company Schrödinger Inc. partnered with architecture firm HLW’s brand experience team, brandx, as well as its internal sustainability consultancy, BEYOND, to develop a workplace prioritizing health, wellbeing, and the environment all while supporting the company’s high-tech identity.

The fully-integrated branding and graphics campaign not only benefits the aesthetics and culture of the living laboratory, but also serves as an example of why offices at-large are essential to cultivating environments where breakthroughs are made and inventions come to life.

HLW’s design for Schrödinger Inc. features DreamScape’s Terralon Smooth wallcovering material, a choice that aided the project in achieving LEED Gold, WELL Health-Safety, and Fitwel 2 Stars alongside BEYOND’s robust embodied carbon analysis.

Terralon Smooth contains 31 percent of post-consumer recycled content and no PVC, lead, plasticizers, or heavy metals, enhancing the sustainability and wellness of the project.

The earth-friendly product has resulted in the repurposing of over 12 million plastic bottles since its introduction, and that number is constantly increasing. This means less plastic in our landfills and more being repurposed into wallcovering.

The light stipple texture and visually seamless installation of DreamScape products have a similar quality and effect to drywall finish, allowing artwork in the space to feel like it’s painted directly onto the wall – immersing users in their environment.

During the installation of the product, DCL was able to cut the material around the MEP systems (ducts, pipes, controls), creating an illusion that the wall was a single material with no edges, further enhancing this effect.

"The seamless use of DreamScape allowed Schrödinger’s brand experience to be fully integrated with the architecture and interior design of the office space.

Each floor has a different theme related to the company’s offerings – biology, chemistry, computer science, and physics – which features a prominent, highly technical graphic reflecting the associated discipline; for example, the biology floor showcases large supergraphics representing neurons that highlight their dendrites, nuclei, axons, and myelin sheaths in a modern, high-tech way.

The bonus factor was that the Terralon Smooth product contained no PVC."
Chanel Dehond, SEGD
Sr. Associate, Global Director of brandx

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