PERFect – the PRE Perforated Commercial Wallcovering option from DreamScape. Engineered with precision microventing technology, PERFect provides enhanced permeability while combatting mold and mildew concerns. PERFect is a digitally printable Type II wallcovering that is pre-perforated with micro-perforation holes, allowing optimal air and moisture transmission.

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This Type II wallcovering grade material is a 2 ply product with a light linen look embossing on the printable surface. Our microventilation technology is meticulously designed to optimize air and moisture transmission. With 225 holes per square inch, each hole measuring 0.0025″ in size, these micro-perforation holes ensure efficient permeability, preventing the buildup of moisture and reducing the risk of mold and mildew growth inside the wall cavity. This product carries Type II certification for scrubbability, tensile and tear(medium to heavy duty). This product is Class A fire rated and meets NFPA ratings for smoke development.


20 oz. TYPE II


27" Trial Size, 54"


15' Trial Size, 150' (50 yards)

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