16 Advantages of Commercial Grade Type II Wallcoverings

As we all know, digitally printable wallcoverings can be used in many different spaces. Spaces that range from residential to retail to restaurants and beyond.

But with wall material choices like Type II wallcoverings and self-adhesive films, how do you know which one to choose?

When selecting a wallcovering material to use,  you must first consider the amount of traffic the area will receive as well as the longevity expectations of the end-user.

Let’s face it, the last thing you want is your newly installed wallcovering to be scuffed, damaged, and in need of replacement. This is just one reason why more and more designers and brands prefer a Type II wallcovering over self-adhesive films.

What does a Type II wallcovering even mean?

Type II (pronounced as “type two”) is a term to define a certain class of wallcovering. Type II represents mid to heavyweight products that weigh 20 ounces per 54″ linear yard. They are typically thicker, more durable, and most used in commercial projects.

There is also a Type I that is lighter weight, and even a Type III that is very heavyweight, but uncommon and difficult to find in today’s market.

At a very basic level, the purpose of these classifications is to equate wallcovering products with varying levels of durability and safety. These Type standards were created and are maintained by the Wallcovering Association.

Type II wallcoverings can be installed perfectly onto less than perfect walls. Self-adhesive films require a high-quality wall finish because the material is quite thin and will show the imperfections of the wall.

Here are 16 advantages of Type II wallcoverings when compared with self-adhesive films:

  1. An array of wallcovering textures to choose from.
  2. No adhesion issues with low VOC painted walls.
  3. No lifting or bubbles due to outgassing of a newly painted wall.
  4. 100% dimensionally stable – our 2 ply wallcovering products are supported and do not grow or shrink. Most self-adhesive vinyls will shrink to some degree and require the installer to overlap.
  5. No overlaminate is required.
  6. No expense of an installer performing a pull test.
  7. Type II wallcoverings will hide imperfections in the wall.
  8. Clean seams – our Type II commercial products allow nearly invisible seams on the wall by utilizing a double-cut method. Self-adhesive products usually require an unsightly overlap.
  9. Easy removal – our Type II products use a strong fabric on the backside which is “strippable” from the wall and the product doesn’t fall apart into pieces when being removed. It pulls away in one clean sheet.
  10. No disposal is required of a liner.
  11. Tear-resistant, scratch-resistant, and cleanable with DreamGuard.
  12. PVC-free options are available.
  13. Several textures are available and special effect materials.
  14. Class A Fire-rated.
  15. ROI – due to the longevity and durability of Type II wallcovering, you typically have no repairs, no failures, and will stay on walls for a lifetime vs self-adhesive film which is typically designed for the shorter term.
  16. Made in the USA.

When it comes time to choose a material for your next wall project, consider the advantages of Type II wallcoverings to help you make a smarter decision.

Please contact us to learn more, we are happy to help!

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