Project: LinkedIn New Offices in Omaha, Nebraska 
Print Provider: ER2 Image Group + Applied Surfaces
Design: Gensler

With two buildings, 10 floors, and 400,000 square feet, ER2 Image Group and Applied Surfaces faced a big environmental graphics challenge. They needed to integrate the history of Omaha with the brand of LinkedIn throughout their new offices.

It would require the collaboration between architects, designers, installers, and corporate visionaries to transform LinkedIn’s Omaha office into a creative array of visuals to excite the hundreds of LinkedIn employees every day.

One solution was with wall graphics. Lots and lots of wall graphics.

LinkedIn wanted a future-focused workplace with a sustainability ethos. Health, wellness, and resilience were key themes, as well as incorporating no or low-VOC materials were part of the sustainable design strategies to become LEED Gold Certified.

ER2 needed a solution that would satisfy the strict requirements put in front of them for this commercial wall graphics project. A sustainable wallcovering material was a must.

After just completing a similar wall graphic project for Uber, ER2 once again turned to DreamScape Terralon Type II material for the printing of the wall graphics. Terralon is PVC-free, highly breathable, contributes to LEED credits, and is made from 31% post-consumer recycled content.

The result was big, impactful wall graphics that immersed employees into the history of Omaha. Even more, the graphics had a sustainable story to tell, and that is turning plastic waste into beautiful wall graphics.

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