Project: Residential Interior 
Print Provider: Chromatics
Artist: Charlotte Terrell
Photography: Leslee Mitchell

Charlotte Terrell is a Nashville-based painter who has pivoted into custom wallpaper. Charlotte paints pastoral and water-scened landscapes. Each of her projects is designed specifically for the client and their space.

Her artwork is then digitally scanned at Chromatics in Nashville, TN and printed on DreamScape wallcovering media.


Charlotte chooses DreamScape media because she loves the textures DreamScape offers. Since Charlotte paints on plastered birchwood panels, DreamScapes appearance alludes to the illusion that the mural was painted directly on the wall.

Cracks and imperfections in the wall’s surface are also concealed by the texture. In terms of wall preparation and repairs, this saves time and money for wallcovering installs.

Not only did this wallcovering project bring visual appeal to areas of the house, but the Mystical texture offers a tactile experience that can enhance a space’s overall mood. It conveys a sense of coziness, elegance, and warmth that a smooth, flat surface cannot.

Chromatics produced the wallcoverings on DreamScape Mystical using Latex print technology.

"Another selling point to our client other than texture is how easily it can be cleaned and the added bonus of UV protection. Whoever sees DreamScape in person for the first time can't believe how exceptional the quality is."
Charlotte Terrell
Artist | charlotteterrell.com

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