Repurposing Plastic Bottles into a Sustainable recycled Wallcovering

For nearly 10 years now, Dreamscape Terralon has taken a leading role in sustainable wallcoverings for the commercial graphics market.  Today the product has been used on thousands of walls throughout the world.   There are several features that make Terralon an attractive choice for designers, architects, and property managers, not the least of which is because it is recycled.

Some choose it because their clients demand a PVC free alternative that can meet commercial durability standards.  Terralon is lighter than Type II vinyl wallcoverings,  but every bit as strong.  Others are looking for clean materials that address indoor air quality concerns.  Since Terralon is made free of VOC’s it is able to pass the stringent CA-1350.  Dreamscape Terralon sustainability from over 9 million recycled bottles

Many choose it because they need a material that has a porous surface so as not to create a vapor barrier.  Materials like this are often referred to as “breathable”,  and because  Terralon doesn’t trap water it can minimize the threat of mold and mildew growth in high humidity areas.

Some users simply fall in love with the unique look and feel of Terralon’s surface.  When compared with vinyls, inkjet printing on Terralon will produce a more natural look with flat even color.  In contrast, many flat vinyls will look wet when printed and this can create distracting “hot spots” from light reflection on the wall.

One of the most impressive and exciting aspects of Terralon is the fact that 31% of its total weight is made from post consumer recycled polyester.   To be specific,  the polyester is reclaimed from plastic bottle waste.  So quite literally,  Dreamscape Terralon is repurposing these bottles into beautiful wallcoverings and keeping them from ending up in a landfill.   The plastic bottles are ground up into a powder and then the polyester is recast into strong fibers that we are using to create the wallcovering base.

At 31%, Terralon has the highest post consumer recycled content of all commercial wallcoverings.  This is not only a fact that feels good to project specifiers,  but it is also a fact that can reap rewards by contributing to several LEED credits.  LEED certifications and qualifications are always evolving,  but the standards set forth by the U.S. Green Building Council are very popular among schools, hospitals, green living communities and government properties.

In summary,  there are many reasons why DreamScape Terralon is a smart choice for designers, architects, and specifiers.   It looks good, it performs well,  and it has a strong earth friendly story.  Today Terralon is offered in 3 decorative versions.   The original Terralon, Terralon Smooth, and Terralon Regatta.  Each of these options maintains identical construction, performance and sustainability characteristics,  the only difference being aesthetics due to the decorative texture of its face surface.

Update: 12/12/18

More and more people continue to talk about the benefits and outstanding sustainability-to-quality ratio, including a recent story that ran in Big Picture Magazine.  Read it here.

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