What Level Finish of Drywall Do I Need for My Wallcovering?

When it comes to preparing your walls for commercial wallcovering, it is important to consider the surface quality of the wall itself.

At DreamScape, we recommend a level 4 or level 5 finish on the drywall as best practice. One of the lesser-known benefits of using our heavy-duty products, such as our TYPE II textured wallcoverings, is that they can be “forgiving” of small imperfections. Results will vary naturally, but notably with some of our heavier textured products users will often find suitable results even with a surface at level 3 finish. This can provide an advantage on job sites where it isn’t possible to achieve perfect wall conditions.

We would caution against less-than-perfect wall conditions with our lighter-weight products, such as Nolar, Nolar Sailcloth, or any of our 15oz vinyls. Also, it is important to have a smooth wall surface for products like DreamScape Flash because they have a reflective surface which could potentially magnify or draw attention to imperfections underneath the wallcovering.

Wall surface quality is also a very important consideration when utilizing self-adhesive wall graphic materials. Again for best results, we always recommend a level 5 finish, but users of DreamScape Wallwraps will find our thick 3-ply self-adhesive material is much more forgiving than the typical thin/flat PSA vinyls that are commonly used.

For a more in-depth review of different finish levels,  you can refer to this website.

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