Easy to Achieve True Type II Wallcovering Durability with DreamScape

The Type II certification is an indicator for quality, safety, and durability of wallcoverings and, unlike other Type II certifications for digital inkjet printers, EFI’s new certification covers wallcoverings produced without lamination or coating.

Our DreamScape lineup of Type II wallcoverings represents mid to heavyweight wallcovering that weigh 20 ounces per 54″ linear yard. They are typically thicker, more durable, and most used in commercial projects.

“These certifications should assure print service providers that the product they produce meet all critical regulatory aspects of a true commercial wallcovering,” said Roy Ritchie, Jr., president of DreamScape. “In addition, EFI customers who print on DreamScape base wallcoverings can enjoy increased efficiency and productivity, since they do not require the additional step of coating or lamination to reach this level of durability. DreamScape has worked closely with EFI for several years and it is easy to recommend their advanced and versatile roll-to-roll machines.”


EFI™ roll-to-roll UV LED printers have earned a Type II certification for wallcoverings based on the Wallcovering Association W-101 and ASTM F793 standards. The wallcoverings submitted to gain the certification were printed and tested on our 20 oz. DreamScape line of wallcovering base material.

EFI’s new Type II certification applies to EFI’s extensive portfolio of UV LED roll to-roll printers – including the EFI Pro 32r+, and VUTEk 3r+/5r+, D3r/D5r, and new Q3r/Q5r printers. The wallcoverings were tested for durability and tear resistance, scrubbability and washability, color fastness, Class A fire retardancy, safety, and more.

Along with the Type II certification, EFI roll-to-roll digital UV LED printers also received the Class A fire rating according to The Wallcovering Association’s evaluation and ASTM E84.

Learn the 16 Advantages of Commercial Grade Type II Wallcoverings here.


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