Terralon Regatta

DreamScape has added a new option to the award winning Terralon family of sustainable wall materials.   Regatta adds a subtle canvas texture, while maintaining all the features that make Terralon such a great alternative to other vinyl wallcoverings.  Now creatives have another amazing option for “green” design projects.

Terralon Regatta features 31% post consumer recycled content.   It is a combination of natural nonwoven fibers and polyester.  Designers, specifiers, and consumers can feel good about the fact that over 8 million water bottles have been kept from landfills and repurposed into gorgeous decorative wallcoverings.

Regatta, like all Terralon materials,  is also PVC free.  So it serves as a great alternative to vinyl products while offering comparable performance and printability.  Many users enjoy its unique dull finish and softer feel.

Terralon materials are also highly breathable.  This means that the surface is porous, which allows water vapor to transfer and escape.  Products that are not porous,  like PVC vinyls,  are sometimes blamed for trapping moisture in wall cavities and therefore contributing to the possibility of mildew or mold growth in the cavity of the wall.

Because of the strong feature set in Terralon materials,  design and architectural agencies have made it a favorite choice for buildings which are being constructed with sustainability in mind.  Many private companies such as Google, Microsoft, Linked-In have specified Terralon for use in their offices.   The high recycled content of Terralon also makes it a contributor for LEED credits.

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