Project: The Punk Rock Museum in Las Vegas, Nevada
Print Provider: Screaming Images

The Punk Rock Museum houses the world’s most expansive, inclusive, and intimate display of artifacts, fliers, photos, clothing, instruments, handwritten lyrics, artwork, and just about everything else donated by the people and bands who were there. 

Not only can you see amazing artifacts, there’s a guitar room where you can play the actual guitars and basses through the same amps the artists played them through. They have guitars and amps from bands such as Rise Against, NOFX, Pennywise, Sick of it All, Strung Out, and many more. Yes, you can actually play them.

A lot of people ask, “what happens if something gets broken?” The simple answer, we fix it – just like we did on tour.


The Punk Rock Museum aimed to create a visually striking environment that would attract visitors and provide excellent photo opportunities. They desired a textured wallcovering that would enhance the aesthetics of the museum while ensuring seamless integration with its surroundings. 

They chose DreamScape’s Mystical texture, which is a TYPE II, Class A fire-rated wallcovering. This particular texture perfectly aligned with the museum’s vision, offering a textured surface that added depth and character to the photography experience. Its rich texture brought a tactile dimension to the walls, resulting in visually striking backdrops for photos and social media opportunities.

The museum greatly valued the seamless appearance achieved through the professional installation by Screaming Images, creating a cohesive look throughout the entire museum.

"We love DreamScape. We’ve installed this product in many venues, always with great success. The Punk Rock Museum was super stoked with the finished result!"
James Swanson
Principal | Founder Screaming Images

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